You fall in.

Audrey has already forgotten your name twice. You are outside of the warehouse on the set of Sabrina, snapping at her with your Kodak as she does laps around you on her bike.

Audrey is excitable today, she only stops talking to look at the camera and pose.

‘-it’s funny because you don’t realise how much you enjoy riding a bike until you’re on one. I think I might get a bike and ride around Central Park, are we far from Central park? I probably would only use the bike once. Who knows? Maybe I will get one.’ Audrey takes her feet off the pedals, freewheeling with her legs out to either side of her.

She is the best thing you’ve ever photographed. The kid’s face is so expressive that it naturally contorts in more ways that you’ve ever seen. Each pose is unique, displaying emotions indescribable, like a colour you’ve never seen before. You are quick to snap them up in case she never poses like that ever again, and they are lost to everyone.

The writers from Vogue are keeping their distance while they try to interview her, but she isn’t paying much attention. You figure Audrey is the type that would find it hard to keep all of her attention on one thing.

The Vogue people love Audrey, they follow her everywhere. They have been at the last two shoots you did, giving her clothes to try on, and harassing you her portraits. They describe her as the ‘sex kitten’s antithesis’.

One of the many questions they yell out at Audrey, causes her to halt her bike.

‘Miss Hepburn, where exactly did you come from?’

‘Not many people know this but I was born in Ixelles. I-X-E-double l-E-S.’

‘You’re Belgian?’

‘It’s true. Gregory Peck said I’m the best thing to leave Belgium since the Germans.’ There’s a few laughs and Audrey is off again. She’s doing larger circles now so she loops around the Vogue people as well as you. ‘My mother was Dutch and my father was English, or was he Irish?’

The admiration you feel towards her isn’t very personal, or physical, more like a Zoologist stumbling upon a new, alien species.

‘Is there a man in your life Miss Hepburn?’

‘Too many, and I wouldn’t complain if a few of them dropped off the face of the Earth.’ Audrey turns her bike and almost collides with Copper walking past. ‘Oops! Morning officer.’ They laugh while the police officer just grins shyly at everyone and goes on his way.

‘Are you a Feminist Miss Hepburn?’

‘I can’t imagine why not. Why wouldn’t a woman want to be a Feminist? The question is, are men ready to be Feminists?’ She is looking at you. ‘What about you, Mark is it? What do you think?’

You are not sure if you want to put her in a cage, or be a fly on the wall so you can watch her for the rest of her life.

You are pulled out.

By Daniel Ninnis 2016©


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